Fields of Næcluda was launched in 2018 by Michel Teyssier (composer/bass/singing) as a solo studio project. After the recordings of the first tracks, Mathieu Schricke (drums) joined the project.
Together they reshaped the music of Fields of Næcluda wich evolves between progressive alternative rock and ambient metal, in order to produce the first album. This one was released on December 6th, 2019 via Inouïe Distribution.
The result is a dreamlike, poetic but also energetic and powerful atmosphere.
After the first gigs, the band's line up stabilizes with the arrival of Etienne Doucet (guitar)
A second album is already in preparation.

Line up
  • Michel Teyssier composer/bass/singing
  • Mathieu Schricke drums
  • Etienne Doucet guitar/singing

Half Live

Recorded live on sept 22/2020 @ la salle noire (Grenoble)

  1. Intro
  2. Make you blind
  3. Id
  4. Elysium
  5. Only ashes remain
  6. I see you

"It's an excellent start, promising and very well produced, absolutely worth your time."

"...a remarkable debut for a French production."
Antonis Kalamoutsos -

"This is a nice example of a multi-color album that shows the real potential of Fields of Næcluda, which today offers us a very beautiful opus."
Philippe Thirionet - Music in Belgium

"An album that makes pop music in a very obvious way, by pushing the standard limits of the song format."
Alberto Vitale -

"if you like Post Rock and Progressive Rock with an alternative flavour, you should listen to the work of FIELDS OF NÆCLUDA, who has signed a frankly good first album. From time to time, the underground offers us some beginnings as ambitious and neat as this "Fields of Næcluda."
NOIZZ webzine

"A beautiful album that this Fields of Naecluda, good emotions, a beautiful harmonic and melodic journey..."
IvanJack25 - Pavillon 666 webzine

"The album is very pleasant and convinces by its general atmosphere. Hats off!"
Ingo Schmitz -

"Fields Of Næcluda shows with this album that they can write beautiful pop songs that can produce a following in the indie rock scene."
Maurice Van Der Zalm -

"All in all, an album that needs to be listened to more than once. to remove all the substantial marrow."
Tibere - Prog Censor

"In conclusion, Fields of Næcluda is a great discovery and a first album which is more than worth the detour. There's smart, well-executed creativity. A well-channelled energy and a mastery that evokes long moments of hard work. Go ahead, you won't be disappointed."
Jipe Yoda - Prog Critique

"a beautiful object of dreamlike music with an enchanting poetic side and delicate melodies that should find a buyer in those who wishes to hear something other than trivialized."
Boomerang O2 radio

"Fields of Næcluda has some strong arguments up its sleeve and could be a new star in the sky of progressive rock."
Carsten Agthe -